James J. Morgan Symposium


Professor James Morgan

September 23, 2016

On Friday September 23rd, 2016 the Environmental Science and Engineering Department hosted a day-long tribute to James J. Morgan, Marvin L. Goldberger Professor of Environmental Engineering Science, Emeritus. The symposium featured a series of presentations by his former students and leaders in the field of aquatic chemistry. Professor Morgan’s teaching and research centered on aquatic chemistry; major themes comprised rates of abiotic manganese oxidation on particle surfaces and flocculation of natural water particles, and chemical speciation proved the key. He came to Caltech as Associate Professor of Environmental Health Engineering in 1965 and became the Goldberger Professor of Environmental Engineering Science in 1987. He has served Caltech in a variety of capacities including Academic Officer for Environmental Engineering Science, Dean of Students, Executive Officer for Environmental Engineering Science, Acting Dean of Graduate Studies, and Vice President for Student Affairs. [A Conversation with James J. Morgan] [Symposium program]

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Morgan group photo. 1st row (front - kneeling): Howard Liljestrand, Roger Bales. 2nd row: Michael Hoffmann, Michael Kessick, Michael Scott, Liyuan Liang, Gerald Schwartz, Jerald Schnoor. 3rd row: James Morgan, Windsor Sung, Mark Schlautman, Francois Morel, Gordon Treweek. 4th row: James Pankow, George Jackson, Alan Stone. Missing from group photo: Janet Hering, Yigal Erel, Dennis Kasper, Michael Barcelona, James Hunt.


Left to right: Dennis Kasper, Alan Stone, and George Jackson


Left to right: Michael Hoffmann, and Yigal Erel


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