Environmental Analysis Center Glove Policy

  • Disposable and reusable gloves are provided for your use in the EAC.
  • At no time should gloves be used at the keyboard or mouse of any computer.
  • Your understanding of how to use thin-film gloves is extremely important to your safety.
  • You are responsible for evaluating the correct glove for use with your chemicals and procedures.


You should be aware that no glove provides protection from all chemicals used in the laboratory. Therefore, you are personally responsible for evaluating the correct glove. Glove compatibility charts are available on-line. The EAC strives to keep current information posted but this is not always possible. Please consider the following quotes from glove manufacturers that I believe will help you understand correct use of disposable gloves.

...thin mil gloves are not designed for applications involving prolonged, direct exposure to chemicals. Our intent in providing this chemical compatibility information is to provide a guideline for use of our thin mil gloves in applications where incidental splash exposure to various chemicals may occur. Gloves should be removed and replaced immediately if incidental splash exposure occurs.

– Kimberly Clark Chemical Resistance Guide
Microflex gloves are intended for use as protection against incidental exposure to chemicals and other harmful substances. These gloves do not offer protection against all chemicals under all conditions, and are not designed to provide protection against prolonged or continuous exposure to harmful substances.

– Microflex Chemical Resistance Guide
Failure by the user to select the correct protective gloves can result in injury, sickness or death.

– North Chemical Resistance Guide