Course Schedule

Winter Term 2020-2021

Course schedules for upcoming terms are subject to change up to ten weeks before the term begins. Please check this page again to confirm times and locations. [Key to abbreviations]

Course (Units/Grade) Title Instructor Time Location
ESE 90
Undergraduate Laboratory Research in Environmental Science and Engineering Leadbetter, Flagan, Sessions, Hoffmann, Newman, Thompson, Bordoni, Adkins, Frankenberg - -
ESE 100
Special Problems in Environmental Science and Engineering
(Up to 12 units by arrangement)
Schneider, Ingersoll, Wennberg, Hoffmann, Adkins, Leadbetter, Bordoni, Yung, Seinfeld, Orphan, Thompson, Sessions - -
ESE 103
Earth's Biogeochemical Cycles Frankenberg MWF 3:00-3:55 -
ESE 106
Research in Environmental Science and Engineering Adkins, Blake, Bordoni, Eiler, Flagan, Hoffmann, Ingersoll, Lamb, Leadbetter, Newman, Okumura, Orphan, Schneider, Seinfeld, Sessions, Wennberg, Yung, Thompson, Frankenberg, Callies - -
ESE 110b
Seminar in Environmental Science and Engineering Callies W 4:00-4:55 -
ESE 130
Introduction to Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics Callies MWF 11:00-11:55 -
Ge/ESE 155
Paleoceanography Adkins MWF 1:00-1:55 -
ESE/Bi 168
Microbial Metabolic Diversity
(Maximum enrollment: 20 students)
Newman MWF 9:00-9:55 -
ESE/Ch 176
Environmental Physical Organic Chemistry Part I Hoffmann MWF 10:00-10:55 -
Ge/ESE/Bi 178
Microbial Ecology Orphan TTh 10:30-11:55 -
ESE 300
Thesis Research Adkins, Sessions, Flagan, Hoffmann, Ingersoll, Leadbetter, Newman, Bordoni, Yung, Wennberg, Schneider, Seinfeld, Eiler, Orphan, Okumura, Thompson, Fischer, Callies, Frankenberg - -