Paul O. Wennberg

R. Stanton Avery Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering; Executive Officer for Environmental Science and Engineering; Director, Ronald and Maxine Linde Center for Global Environmental Science

Degrees and Appointments

B.A., Oberlin College, 1985; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1994. Associate Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Science, Caltech, 1998-2001; Professor, 2001-03; Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering, 2003-04; Avery Professor, 2004-; Director, Linde Center, 2008-11; Executive Officer, 2012-; Acting Director, Linde Center, 2012-14; Director, Linde Center, 2014-.

Email: wennbergSymbolatcaltech.edu

Tel: 626-395-2447

126 Linde+Robinson Laboratory MC 131-24 Pasadena, CA 91125


Nora Oshima, 626-395-6185

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Research Overview

Paul Wennberg studies the composition of the atmosphere of Earth and other planets.  He is trained as a physical chemist and most of his investigations begin with atmospheric observations made by his research group in the laboratory or in the field. A hierarchy of models are used to study these observations. His group studies the carbon cycle, photochemistry, and air quality.

List of Research Areas

atmospheric science, atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, carbon dioxide, carbon cycle, mars

Environmental Science and Engineering