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Name Title Option Advisor
Cheng, Rui Remotely Evaluating the Seasonality of Gross Primary Production at High Latitudes ESE Frankenberg
Hui, Katrina Lynn Monsoonal Precipitation in a Model Hierarchy: Impact of Continental Geometry and Global Warming ESE Bordoni
Jongramrungruang, Siraput Towards Accurate and Automated Detection and Quantification of Localized Methane Point Sources on a Global Scale ESE Frankenberg
Le, Tianhao Radiation-Based Analytic Approaches to Investigate the Earth’s Atmosphere ESE Yung
Wang, Siwen Photo- and Electro-Chemistry Methods for Waterborne Pathogen Treatment and Detection in Environmental Water ESE Hoffmann
Wu, Xunyi Novel, Rapid and Cost-effective Methods for Concentration, Detection and Monitoring of Waterborne Pathogens in Resource-Limited Settings ESE Hoffmann
Finke, Cody Enslin An Experimental and Economic Analysis of Electrochemical Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions ESE Hoffmann
Naviaux, John David Chemical and Physical Mechanisms of Calcite Dissolution in Seawater ESE Adkins
Rooney, Brigitte Lee Modeling the Impact of Biomass Combustion on Atmospheric Aerosol ESE Seinfeld
Zhu, Yanzhe 3D Microfluidics for Environmental Pathogen Detection and Single-cell Phenotype-to-Genotype Analysis ESE Hoffmann
Erickson, Zachary K. Physical Processes Leading to Export of Fixed Carbon Out of the Surface Ocean ESE Thompson
Huang, Yuanlong Development of Methods to Study Secondary Organic Aerosol ESE Seinfeld
Ruan, Xiaozhou Oceanic Bottom Boundary Layers and Abyssal Overturning Circulation ESE Thompson
Viglione, Giuliana Augusta Dynamics of Southern Ocean Mixed Layers ESE Thompson
Cid, Clément Antoine François Development, Implementation, and Improvements on an Effective Electrochemical Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Unit as a Sustainable Sanitation Solution for the Developing World ESE Hoffmann
Mai, Huajun Scanning Electrical Mobility Methods for Aerosol Characterization ESE Flagan
Wei, Ho-Hsuan Dynamics of Seasonally-Varying Tropical Convergence Zones ESE Bordoni
Zhang, Xiyue Dynamics of Resolved Polar Clouds ESE Schneider
Bischoff, Tobias Dynamics of the Intertropical Convergence Zone ESE Schneider
Mui, Wilton Development and Applications of Opposed Migration Aerosol Classifiers (OMACs) ESE Flagan, Seinfeld
Saad, Katherine Michelle Disentangling Spatiotemporal Signals in Global Atmospheric Methane Columns ESE Wennberg
Schwantes, Rebecca Helen Identifying Isoprene and Toluene Gas-Phase Oxidation Products to Better Constrain Ozone and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in the Atmosphere ESE Seinfeld, Wennberg
Teng, Alexander Pai-Chung Insights on the Formation and Fate of Organic Nitrates in the Atmosphere from Field and Laboratory Observations ESE Wennberg
Walker, Jennifer Marie Seasonal and Interannual Variability in South Asian Monsoon Dynamics ESE Bordoni
Yu, Hang Hank Understanding the Symbiosis in Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Through Metabolic, Biosynthetic and Transcriptomic Activities ESE Orphan
Zhang, Qiong Accounting for Aerosol Scattering in the Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gas ESE Yung
Chen, Jinqiang Dynamics of the East Asian Summer Monsoon in Present and Future Climates ESE Bordoni
Laraia, Anne Louise Observations and Modeling of Tropical Planetary Atmospheres ESE Bordoni
Raven, Morgan Reed Organic Matter Sulfurization in the Modern Ocean ESE Sessions
Tan, Zhihong Simulations and Mechanisms of Subtropical Low-cloud Response to Climate Change ESE Schneider, Teixeira
Wills, Robert Christopher Stationary Eddies and Zonal Variations of the Global Hydrological Cycle in a Changing Climate ESE Schneider
Cho, Kangwoo Wastewater Electrolysis Cell for Environmental Pollutants Degradation and Molecular Hydrogen Generation ESE Hoffmann
Kameel, Fathima Rifkha Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solution and at the Air-water Interface of Aqueous Microdroplets ESE Hoffmann
Zhang, Xuan Investigation of Fundamental Processes Governing Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in Laboratory Chambers ESE Seinfeld
Lucey, Kaitlyn Shae Catechol 2,3-Dioxygenase-Assisted Cleavage of Aromatics by "Anaerobic" Termite Gut Spirochetes and Genomic Evidence of a Complete Meta-Pathway ESE Leadbetter
Yang, Da The Madden-Julian Oscillation: Observation, Modeling, and Theory ESE Ingersoll
Chen, Yi-Chun Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in Marine Stratocumulus Clouds ESE Seinfeld
Levine, Xavier Josselin Dynamics of Earth's Hadley Circulation ESE Schneider
Li, King-Fai Atmospheric Trace Gases as Probes of Chemistry and Dynamics ESE Yung
Yee, Lindsay Diana Chemistry of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation ESE Seinfeld
Beck, Anna Rose Iron in the Ocean: Laboratory Experiments of Iron Geochemistry in the Presence of Marine Particles ESE Adkins
Chan, Man Nin Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Organic Aerosol Composition: Laboratory and Ambient ESE Seinfeld
Fitzmaurice, Arthur Gerald, III The Role of Pesticide-Induced Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Inhibition in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease ESE Bronstein
Lebo, Zachary John Computational Modeling Studies of Fundamental Aerosol-Cloud Interactions ESE Seinfeld
Merlis, Timothy Moore The General Circulation of the Tropical Atmosphere and Climate Changes ESE Schneider
Metcalf, Andrew Richard Atmospheric Black Carbon: Measurements in the Los Angeles Atmosphere and Aging by Condensation of Organic Aerosol ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Farnsworth, Claire Elizabeth Processes Controlling the Fate and Transport of Trace Metals in the Subsurface During Changing Redox Potential ESE Hering
Hersey, Scott Patrick Studies of Aerosol Composition and Hygroscopicity ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Keppel-Aleks, Gretchen Constraints on the Global Carbon Budget from Variations in Total Column Carbon Dioxide ESE Wennberg
Kwan, Alan Jake-Man Investigating Sources and Sinks of Organic Aerosols: NO₃-initiated Oxidation of Isoprene and Heterogeneous Oxidation of Organic Aerosol ESE Wennberg
Paulot, Fabien Georges André Insights into the Isoprene Photochemical Cascade ESE Wennberg
Cheng, Jie Chemical Fractionation at Environmental Interfaces ESE Hoffmann
Choi, Jina Development of Visible-Light-Active Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Production and Environmental Application ESE Hoffmann
Yang, Wanwan Fast Viability Assessment of Clostridium Spores: Survival in Extreme Environments ESE Ponce
Zhang, Xinning I. Formate Dehydrogenase Gene Diversity in Lignocellulose-Feeding Insect Gut Microbial Communities. II. Metabolic Impacts on the Hydrogen Isotope Content of Bacterial Lipids ESE Leadbetter
Chen, Wei-Ting I. Global Simulations of Interactions between Aerosols and Future Climate and II. Sensitivity of Multiangle Imaging to the Optical and Microphysical Properties of Biomass Burning Aerosols ESE Seinfeld
Wildman, Richard Alan Biogeochemical Implications of Changing Groundwater and Surface Water Hydrology at Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona, and the Merced River, California, USA ESE Hering
Feldman, Daniel Robert Remote Sensing of Radiative Fluxes and Heating Rates from Satellite Instrument Measurements ESE Yung
Mendez, Jeffrey Michael Iron and Manganese in the Ocean: Investigation of Atmospheric Input by Dust and Coastal Ocean Time Series ESE Adkins
Tong, Chinghang Thermodynamic Modeling of Organic Aerosol ESE Seinfeld, Goddard
Campbell, Kate Marie Biogeochemical Mechanisms of Arsenic Mobilization in Haiwee Reservoir Sediments ESE Hering
Guzmán, Marcelo Ioel Photochemistry of Pyruvic Acid in Water and Ice ESE Hoffmann
Jiang, Xun I: Interannual Variability of Stratospheric Ozone and Temperature. II: Seasonal Cycle of N₂O ESE Yung
Smith Downey, Nicole V. Soil Uptake of Molecular Hydrogen and Remote Sensing of Soil Freeze and Thaw ESE Randerson
Wang, Ya-Juan (Megan) Studies on Environmental Relevance of Quorum Sensing Signal Decay ESE Leadbetter
Ferguson, Megan Alameda TiO₂-Photocatalyzed As(III) Oxidation and its Applicability to Water Treatment ESE Hering
Washenfelder, Rebecca Ann Column Abundances of Carbon Dioxide and Methane Retrieved from Ground-Based Near-Infrared Solar Spectra ESE Wennberg
Welp, Lisa Renee Links Between Carbon and Water Cycles in Northern Ecosystems: Constraints from Stable Isotopes ESE Randerson
Bahreini, Roya Studies with the Aerosol Mass Spectrometer ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Boxe, Christopher Shawn Nitrate Photochemistry and Interrelated Chemical Phenomena in Ice ESE Hoffmann
Lu, Miao-Ling Large-Eddy Simulations of Marine Cumulus and Stratocumulus and Study of Humidity Halos and Aerosol Indirect Radiative Effects ESE Seinfeld
Hernández, Maria Eugenia Mechanisms of Indirect Mineral Reduction by Bacteria ESE Newman
Bhave, Prakash Viththal Air Pollution at the Single-Particle Level: Integrating Atmospheric Measurements with Mathematical Models ESE Seinfeld, Cass
Leung, Fok-Yan Thomas Elucidation of the Origins of Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosols by Isotopic Methods ESE Hoffmann, Yung
Cornu, Catherine J. G. Photocatalysis Under Periodic Illumination ESE Readhead, Hoffmann
Fine, Philip Malcolm The Contribution of Biomass Combustion to Ambient Fine Particle Concentrations in the United States ESE Cass
Liao, Hong Interactions between Tropospheric Chemistry and Aerosols in a Unified GCM Simulation ESE Seinfeld
Noelte, Jeff Lee Effects of Surface Chemistry on Deposition Kinetics of Colloidal Hematite (α-Fe2O3) in Packed Beds of Silica Sand ESE Hoffmann, Morgan
Stephens, Jennie Catherine Response of Soil Mineral Weathering to Elevated Carbon Dioxide ESE Hering
Ching, Weng Ki Disinfection by pulsed power discharges ESE Hoffmann
Cocker, David Rea Chamber investigations of secondary organic aerosol formation ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Dubowski, Yael Photochemical transformations in ice: implications for the fate of chemical species ESE Hoffmann
Giammar, Daniel Geochemistry of uranium at mineral-water interfaces: rates of sorption-desorption and dissolution-precipitation reactions ESE Hering
Hughes, Lara Shane Evolution of atmospheric aerosols along trajectories crossing the Los Angeles basin ESE Cass
Nolte, Christopher Glenn Polar organic compounds in fine particulate matter sources and in the urban atmosphere ESE Cass
Piatina, Tatiana Borisovna Studies of metal-organic interactions with model synthetic and natural ligands applicable to natural waters ESE Hering
Roberts, Gregory Charles Cloud condensation nuclei in the Amazon Basin : their role in a tropical rainforest ESE Hoffmann, Andreae
Salmassi, Tina Megerdichian Bacterial oxidation of arsenite at Hot Creek: characterization of biofilm communities and isolation of novel bacteria associated with aquatic macrophytes ESE Hering
Collins, Donald R. Characterization of the Physical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols through Airborne Sampling ESE
Kneebone, Penelope E. Arsenic geochemistry in a geothermally impacted system : the Los Angeles Aqueduct ESE Hering
Smith, James N. A. Computational chemistry applied to the analysis of air pollution reaction mechanisms ; B. Fundamental studies of droplet evaporation and discharge dynamics in electrospray ionization ESE Flagan, Beauchamp
Chuang, Patrick Yung-Shie Experimental and theoretical studies of cloud condensation nuclei ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Costello, Andria M. Molecular ecology studies of methanotrophs in a freshwater lake sediment ESE
Johansen, Anne Marie Jorunn Aerosol chemistry over remote oceanic regions ESE Hoffmann
Kleeman, Michael John Source contributions to the size and composition distribution of urban particulate air pollution ESE
Lloyd, Thomas Dissolution of Fe(III)- and Mn(III,IV)- (hydr)oxides by deferrioxamine B ESE Morgan
Phares, Denis Joseph Particle resuspension from surfaces ESE Flagan
Blackwell, Veronica R. Formation processes of clathrate hydrates of carbon dioxide and methane ESE Morgan, North
Forman, Selena M. The transport of nonlinearly adsorbing compounds between stream water and sediment bed in a laboratory flume ESE Brooks
Fraser, Matthew Paul Measuring and modeling the concentrations of individual organic compounds in the urban atmosphere ESE
Nairn, Bruce James Incipient transport of silt-sized sediments ESE Brooks
Odum, Jay Russell Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation and Gas/Aerosol Partitioning ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Schauer, James Jay Source contributions to atmospheric organic compound concentrations : emissions measurements and model predictions ESE Cass
Weavers, Linda K. Enhancement of ultrasonic and ultraviolet irradiation with chemical oxidants ESE Hoffmann
Winner, Darrell Alan Long-term modeling of regional ozone concentrations and control strategies ESE Cass
Hannigan, Michael Patrick Mutagenic particulate matter in air pollutant source emissions and in ambient air ESE
Meng, Zhaoyue Thermodynamic and dynamic modeling of atmospheric aerosols ESE Seinfeld
Packman, Aaron Ian Exchange of colloidal kaolinite between stream and sand bed in a laboratory flume ESE Brooks, Morgan
Paulsen, Susan Catherine A Study of the Mixing of Natural Flows Using ICP-MS and the Elemental Composition of Waters ESE List
Peill, Nicola Joy Fiber-optic bundled array cable reactors for heterogeneous photocatalysis and waste stream remediation ESE Hoffmann
Siefert, Ronald Lyn Speciation of Fe in ambient aerosol and cloudwater ESE Hoffmann
Watts, Philip Water waves generated by underwater landslides ESE Raichlen
Berson, Olga The study of copper bioavailability and mechanism of uptake in the type I methanotroph Methylomicrobium albus BG8 ESE Lidstrom
Forstner, Hali J. L. Aerosol formation from atmospheric hydrocarbon photooxidation ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Goodwin, Kelly D. Natural cycles of brominated methanes : macroalgal production and marine microbial degradation of bromoform and dibromomethane ESE
Hua, Inez The sonochemistry of aqueous solutions ESE Hoffmann
Jaegle, Lyatt Stratospheric chlorine and nitrogen chemistry: observations and modeling ESE Webster, Yung
Klewicki, J. Kenneth The Kinetics of Redox Reactions of Mn(II) and Mn(III) in Aqueous Systems: Homogenous Autoxidation of Mn(II) and the Formation and Disappearance of Mn(III) Complexes ESE Morgan
Smith, Kelly S. Enrichment of a marine methanotrophic population and its kinetics of methane and TCE oxidation ESE
Semrau, Jeremy D. Kinetic, biochemical, and genetic analysis of the particulate methane monooxygenase ESE Lidstrom, Chan
Eldering, Annmarie Alternative Models for Air Pollutant Effects on Visibility ESE Cass
Eylers, Hinrich Transport of adsorbing metal ions between stream water and sediment bed in a laboratory flume ESE Brooks
Rogge, Wolfgang F. Molecular tracers for sources of atmospheric carbon particles : measurements and model predictions ESE
Grant, Stanley Clement Baugh Detection and partitioning of bacteriophage in fluid/solid systems: application to the ecology and mobility of viruses in the environment ESE Lidstrom
Kotronarou, Anastassia Ultrasonic irradiation of chemical compounds in aqueous solutions ESE Hoffmann
Li, Xiaoming Experimental Studies of Char Oxidation and Fume Formation from Pyrite ESE Flagan, Gavalas
Schlautman, Mark A. Mineral Surfaces and Humic Substances: Partitioning of Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants ESE Morgan
Elliott, Alexander H. Transfer of solutes into and out of streambeds ESE Brooks
Paulson, Suzanne Elizabeth Contributions of biogenic and anthropogenic hydrocarbons to photochemical smog formation ESE Seinfeld, Flagan
Rogak, Steven Nicholas Aerosol dynamics of agglomerates ESE Flagan
Scott, Michael James Kinetics of adsorption and redox processes on iron and manganese oxides : reactions of As(III) and Se(IV) at goethite and birnessite surfaces ESE Morgan
Wang, Shih-Chen Aerosol formation and growth in atmospheric organic/NOx systems ESE Flagan, Seinfeld
Wong, Brian Alan The oxidation of individually levitated char particles ESE Flagan, Gavalas
Hildemann, Lynn Mary A study of the origin of atmospheric organic aerosols ESE
Ng, Kit Yin Thermal plumes from staged multiport diffusers in uniform quiescent environment ESE Brooks
Collett, Jeffrey Lee, Jr. Characterization of Cloudwater and Precipitation Chemistry and Deposition at Elevated Sites in Central and Southern California ESE Hoffmann
DiChristina, Thomas J. Dissimilative Fe(III) Reduction by Alteromonas putrefaciens Strain 200 ESE Lidstrom, Hoffmann
James, David Earl Effects of Hydrazine and Other Toxicants on Early Life Stages of California Brown Algae ESE North
Munger, James William The Chemical Composition of Fogs and Clouds in Southern California ESE Hoffmann
Nazaroff, William W. Mathematical Modeling and Control of Pollutant Dynamics in Indoor Air ESE Cass
Hong, Pui-Kwan Andrew Catalytic Oxidation of Sulphur Dioxide by Heterogeneous Cobalt-Phthalocyanine ESE Hoffmann
Larson, Susan Mary A Study of Summer Midday Low-Visibility Events in the Los Angeles Area ESE Cass
Levendis, Yiannis Angelo A Fundamental Study of Char Oxidation Kinetics Using Model Materials ESE Flagan, Gavalas
Liang, Liyuan Effects of Surface Chemistry on Kinetics of Coagulation of Submicron Iron Oxide Particles (α-Fe₂O₃) in Water ESE Morgan
Olson, Terese Marie The Formation Kinetics, Mechanisms, and Thermodynamics of S(IV)-Aldehyde Addition Compounds ESE Hoffmann
Pilinis, Christodoulos Mathematical Modeling of the Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Multicomponent Atmospheric Aerosols ESE Seinfeld
Wang, Rueen-Fang Theresa Laboratory Analysis of Settling Velocities of Wastewater Particles in Seawater using Holography ESE Brooks
Arnold, Robert Glenn Dissimilative Fe(III) Reduction by Pseudomonas sp. 200 ESE Hoffmann
Conklin, Martha Harriet Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Reactions of S(IV) with Cu(II) and Fe(III) ESE Hoffmann
Leung, Ping-Sang Kenneth Co-Phthalocyanine Catalyzed Autoxidation of Mercaptans ESE Hoffmann
Lyn, Dennis Anthony Turbulence and Turbulent Transport in Sediment-Laden Open-Channel Flows ESE Brooks
Wu, Jin Jwang Powder Synthesis in Aerosol Reactors ESE Flagan
Gray, Harry Andrew Control of Atmospheric Fine Primary Carbon Particle Concentrations ESE Cass
Waldman, Jed Michael Depositional Aspects of Pollutant Behavior in Fog ESE Hoffmann
Bales, Roger Curtis Surface Chemical and Physical Behavior of Chrysotile Asbestos in Natural Waters and Water Treatment ESE Morgan
Davies, Simon Henry Richard Mn (II) Oxidation in the Presence of Metal Oxides ESE Morgan
Faust, Bruce Charles Photo-Induced Reductive Dissolution of Hematite (α-Fe₂O₃) by S(IV) Oxyanions ESE Hoffmann
Jacob, Daniel James The Origins of Inorganic Acidity in Fogs ESE Hoffmann
Houseworth, James Evan Longitudinal Dispersion in Nonuniform, Isotropic Porous Media ESE Brooks
Senior, Constance Lynn Submicron Aerosol Formation During Combustion of Pulverized Coal ESE Flagan
Stone, Alan Thomas The Reduction and Dissolution of Manganese(III) and (IV) Oxides by Organics ESE Morgan
Valioulis, Iraklis Anestis Particle Collisions and Coalescence in Fluids ESE List
Anderson, Lisa Iron Reduction and Micronutrient Nutrition of Juvenile Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C. A. Agardh (Giant Kelp) Determined by a Chemically Defined Medium, Aquil ESE North
Young, James Robert A Study of the Adsorption of Ni(II) onto an Amorphous Silica Surface by Chemical and NMR Methods ESE Morgan
McRae, Gregory John Mathematical Modeling of Photochemical Air Pollution ESE Seinfeld
Ouimette, James Richard Aerosol chemical species contributions to the extinction coefficient ESE Flagan, Friedlander
Sung, Windsor Catalytic effects of the [gamma]-FeOOH (lepidocrocite) surface on the oxygenation removal kinetics of the Fe(II) and Mn(II) ESE Morgan
Hunt, James Robert Coagulation in continuous particle size distributions : theory and experimental verification ESE Morgan
Kuwabara, James S. Micronutrient requirements for Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C.A. Agardh (giant kelp) gametophytes determined by means of a chemically defined medium, aquil ESE North, Morgan
Liljestrand, Howard Michael Atmospheric transport of acidity in southern California by wet and dry mechanisms ESE Morgan
Sander, Stanley Paul Kinetics studies of bromine monoxide and methylperoxy free radicals by flash photolysis ESE Seinfeld, Watson
Gartrell, Gregory Jr. Studies on the Mixing in a Density-Stratified Shear Flow ESE Brooks
Pankow, James Frederick The dissolution rates and mechanism of tetragonal ferrous sulfide (mackinawite) in anoxic aqueous systems ESE Morgan
Cass, Glen Rowan Methods for sulfate air quality management with applications to Los Angeles ESE Lees
Holm, Thomas Russell Trace metals in fresh water plankton ESE Morgan
Cadena-Cepeda, Fernando Temperature effects on the activity coefficient of the bicarbonate ion ESE Morgan
Faisst, William Karl Digested sludge: delineation and modeling for ocean disposal ESE McKee, Morgan, Brooks
Jackson, George Anthony Nutrients and Productivity of the Giant Kelp, Macrocystis Pyrifera, in the Nearshore ESE North, Morgan, Lowenstam
Vuceta, Jasenka Adsorption of Pb(II) and Cu(II) on α-quartz from aqueous solutions: influence of pH, ionic strength, and complexing ligands ESE Morgan
Treweek, Gordon Paul The Flocculation of E. coli with Polyethyleneimine ESE Morgan
Myers, Edward Payson The Concentration and Isotopic Composition of Carbon in Marine Sediments Affected by a Sewage Discharge ESE Epstein
Peterson, Lee Louis The propagation of sunlight and the size distribution of suspended particles in a municipally polluted ocean water ESE North
Zoltek, John Jr. Interaction of aqueous inorganic orthophosphate and phosphate rock ESE Morgan, McKee
Trijonis, John Charles An economic air pollution control model-application : photochemical smog in Los Angeles County in 1975 Ae, ESE List, Lees, Seinfeld
Kasper, Dennis Robert Theoretical and experimental investigations of the flocculation of charged particles in aqueous solutions by polyelectrolytes of opposite charge ESE Morgan, McKee
Okoye, Josephat Kanayo Characteristics of Transverse Mixing in Open-Channel Flows ESE Brooks
Shen, Cheng-Chung I. Stokes flow past a thin screen. II. Viscous flows past porous bodies of finite size ESE Wu